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Guide to sync QuickBooks Online with the software- TradeGecko

QuickBooks has become a recognized software system for the business accounting tasks, and you may avail it in various versions. However, TradeGecko is also another application that helps in managing inventory, orders and business invoice. Nowadays, many businessmen like to synchronize the data, related to accounting and inventory.

Why should you sync two software systems for your business?

Lots of average and small businesses use QB Online version, and this is the best tool that you can use with another inventory managing software system. QB Online helps in managing payroll, reconciling transaction and creating your invoices. If you consider integration of QuickBooks with TradeGecko, then you will get several benefits-

  • After finalizing any order with your TradeGecko software, you may push the overall amount to your QB online for the creation of invoice.
  • From a purchase order, if you have received a stock, the amount gets access to QB to use it as your bill. You may maintain the accuracy in the records.
  • Two software applications help in collating all the changes of everyday stock level.
  • Pricing at multiple currencies is another advantage to the users. TradeGecko helps in converting the sum to the base currency of QB software in order to keep up the consistency.
  • TradeGecko also allows predefining tax bundles in different percentages. It can be synchronized with QB software with each of the purchase and sales orders.

Major steps for syncing TradeGecko and QuickBooks

Now, we have stated about the steps that you should know for synchronization of two software applications

  • With your QuickBooks software, you have to make Ledger Account
  • For creating this account, you have to find Transaction button, where you need to choose Chart of Accounts
  • Click on the option- New. For every type of account, you have to provide the details in the stated fields. You will get a number of options for the categories.
  • First category may be for the account of the cost of sold goods. Choose the Materials and Supplies
  • After entering the information, you have to select Save option.
  • Then create credit card or bank account category. There is also an option to help you in getting cash as payment.  However, you should adjust the type of currency because it is not same for users of all countries.
  • Make other accounts for purchases, inventory and sales.
  • In this step, QuickBooks sale tax creation is essential before integrating two software
  • Now, access to your account at TradeGecko and choose App Store for clicking on QB Application. You can find the option- Connect to QB.
  • You’ll reach the page of authorization for getting connected to the server of Intuit
  • After important data, you can find overview page. While you’ve read all the details on this page, you can better get connected to TradeGecko ledger account. You will get a drop-down menu to find all the option for connecting fields.

So, you can now merge your inventory management tool with your accounting software. The combined performance of QuickBooks and TradeGecko will help you to do all your business tasks in the simplest way. Install QB Online version and TradeGecko to have the benefits from these two software applications.

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