Resolve QuickBooks Error code: -6130

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QuickBooks software which deals in accounting was intended and developed to elevate the small and medium-sized industries to bigger and major industries. The features of the software include a medium or channel that helps the corporate owner to regulate the usual accounting and financial operations with great ease and speed.But Like other software QuickBooks also faces teething troubles. The medium for the problems can be human or technical issues. Installation problems, improvement/update issues, data harmonisation issues, data relocation, network connectivity and many more are all technical issues which QuickBooks face. This error 6130 can be characterised as technical error and QuickBooks error support should be called for help in need where experienced and certified executives will deal with your problem and provide a solution which is customized.

Causes for the Error 6130?

When QuickBooks suffers the Error 6130, saving of company files fails and only back up possible is as temp files. The two major’s causes for this problem are:

  • When QuickBooks Desktop file is spoiled or corrupt.
  • Error might also confine your Database Server Manager Service from working efficiently on your computer system.

Fixing of the Error 6130

Stepwise procedure is as follows, download the tool “QuickBooks File Doctor” to your computer. Then once the downloading is complete, open the downloaded file with a title qbfd.exe andfollow the steps as mentioned to install the QuickBooks File Doctor to your system. But if you run to a standstill while installing File Doctor and the Windows which you are using is 10 then go to the Frequently Asked Questions section and implement theinstructions given to setup Microsoft .Net 3.5.
When the QuickBooks File Doctor tool is successfullydownloaded and installed in your system it opens and user interface is available. By chance the tool doesn’t open up search for the tool icon on your Windows task bar.

Now browse through the list thoroughly and try to find your company file. If the company file still does not appear then only option which remains is to do a manual searchand locate the file. When file is located click on the file and press continue. Then comes the step to identify type of error where it is File damaged or Network Connectivity which can be easily done by diagnostics. After the commencement of error analysis we wait till File Doctor tool to finishes it diagnosing of errors.

After that repairing of errors is done by tool we reopen the QuickBooks software and see whether the rectification of the errors is complete or not. 

But if errors are still functional please call us on our QuickBooks Technical Support helpline to get instant answers to your problems and have seamless experience. Our executives would guide your through process and would help you in each step. So what are you waiting for call in right away and seek help from certified and experience professional and make QuickBooks ride a fun ride. 

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