How To Fix QuickBooks Error Codes H202, H101, H505, And H303?

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Having QuickBooks error code H201, H101, H505, and H303 when trying to open your company file that is located on another computer? Is this copy of QuickBooks is not able to access the server on that computer? Please don't worry absolutely; as we are here with the brilliant tech support group feeling happy to help you all at each and every time.

We provide numerous resources like (chat, phone call, articles and remote services) for offering solution to a number of problems which happen in the QuickBooks software while opening a company file. To fix such error codes we have written some of the causes and ways that directly bring the some of the clues. Let’s have a look how it works.

Causes of error code H202, H101, H505, and H303

Here on we are mentioning the root cause of the problems like H202, H101, H505, and H303 and let’s figure out the cause and solution by using the simplest tips and tricks. So first of all, take a look at the causes of the issues occurred at the time of using QuickBooks software on Windows 10.

  • When someone going to the host configuration settings which is not done correctly and showing the error to fix.
  • If you are getting an error notification for the network while delivering communication with the company file as the firewall is blocking communication in or out, unfortunately.
  • Might be an issue with .ND file which is responsible for QuickBooks Company file network connection and if the .ND file is damage this could also cause this issue.
  • DNS server is not responding due to the incorrect server settings.
  • Check out the QuickBooks database manager file is installed or configured properly or not.
  • If IP address is bad then there is no possible fair communication with the host computer.

So if you are having issues due to above-mentioned causes and then you how to fix all of them easily but still want to get help from us then you must make sure that you are using QuickBooks file on the server before trying the troubleshooting steps to fix error H202, H101, H505, and H303.

Following are the below ways leads the appropriate solution :

  • First of all, start on your Windows 10 operating system and then go to the “Start” button.
  • Select “All programs” > “QuickBooks” to check out its file is installed correctly or not.
  • If the file is installed still showing an error then you must go to the “Host settings” to local files.
  • If QB file is opened then “Press F2” to open product information screen and check local information.
  • Hosting files should be local and check If QuickBooks Database Server Manager is installed correctly, if not then restart the QuickBooks Database Server Manager if happening error H202 the follow the below mentioned steps.
  • Go to the “Windows start” button and select “Run command” to enter the “Services. MSc” in the open filed and click “OK” button.
  • Search out the “QuickBooksDB19 or 18” file and then select “Stop” and right click to “Restart and start” and close the Window.
  • You can display the extension file to know file types. Right click on “Windows start” button and then select explore.
  • Select the “Tools menu” and “Folder options” and then click the view tab, select show hide extensions file and folders and clear the hide protected.
  • Click “Yes” button on the warning and press “OK” button.
  • Go to the settings to check out the .ND file and search for the .ND and right click to select delete button.
  • To recreate you must go to the QuickBooks Database Server Manager and then click the scan folder tab.
  • Click add folder button and browse the company file folder and select the company file, click OK button.
  • Give the path to company file in the folder for the QB company file and click scan to start the scanning process.
  • Having done the tasks click on the done and then press close the button.

If you are using Windows server 2012 essential R2 users may have the limit for using QB files that’s because each time you must have to restart the server of QB that requires the authentication which is indispensable. But if showing an error and it is not responding correctly then go through the below steps.

  • If there is an error while stopping base filtering engine service then go to the Windows start button and select RUN command.
  • Enter the services. MSC and then select the restart and start button and close the Window.
  • Maliciously if showing the same error then let’s tries another method is scan QuickBooks file directory using QB filtering engine service manager.
  • Restart the base filtering engine service which is known as one of the security services for Windows.
  • Subsequently, if hosting file is not off then switch it in the hosting mode by file menu and select utilities and press stop button.
  • Press yes button and when you need to start it then simply press yes button and even when you need to close then tap on yes button.
  • Press F2 key to view Product Information screen and make sure Hosting is off at the end of the tasks.

Now check for the Windows services for Windows firewall service and then right after you can restart and start the service once again that is the way to resolve all the normal issues happening with the QuickBooks software and set the error notifications that indicate what kind of the issues you are having in the coding mode so that you can be aware and try the troubleshooting steps to fix the issue in no time.

To tell the truth, most of the errors codes in the QuickBooks are not so easy to resolve by an ordinary user this is why executives from QuickBooks Error Code Support enter are available at every point of the time to fix the issue in a jiffy. All you have to do is just make a call at its toll-free number which is approachable 24 by 7 with the help of the businessmen managing their business from across the world.

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Suzanne16 Dec, 2018

I have QB Desktop Pro 2017 and am unable to 'Add new or Edit' Contacts under Vendors "Could not save the Information" OR add/edit in Calendar "Unable to save To Do". Even had QB help and they couldn't help. Anyone else having this issue?

Ryan Smith26 Jul, 2018

Thanks for resolving my issue