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Got pissed off! This is statement being uttered by most of the users of QuickBooks Online while entering check into QuickBooks online. Most of the people are thinking entering a check and entering a bill are very similar. Here, we will dig out the rapid ways with which you can enter check into QuickBooks so effortlessly.

Steps to enter check in QuickBooks Online are available right over here!

  • Make a click on “Create menu” available at the centre top and then, press “Check”. 
  • This will open the window of “Check”. 
  • Type the name of vendor or select it from the vendor list. 
  • Go with the bank account to post the payment to. 
  • Write the date of the payment.
  • Type the number of used check or you can also enter ACH or EFT if you have made former payment electronically. 
  • Ensure that you have left Print Later box unclicked. 
  • Enter the account category from the available chart of accounts. 
  • Type the amount being depicted on your check. 
  • Click “Save and close” or “Save and new”.

Some tips are available there that has to be kept in mind that is entering checks in QuickBooks Online is lot easier than any other strategies. This is so, as check can be downloaded from the Bank and even, transaction details. Moreover, you can also enter electronic payments with the help of Check window. 

The case may also arise when you want to enter a check for a bill that was already entered, in that case, you should use pay Bills window rather than check window. You don’t have to put your head inside QBO any longer. QBO is very smart software and will show already entered vendor bill and unpaid vendor bills on the right side in the “Add to Check” box. Click on “add” to match with the check you have entered previously. Save the transaction once you have end it. 

Finally, you got rid of confusion and now, you can enter check in QuickBooks Online so easily. Isn’t it?

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