How To Pay Bill In QuickBooks Online With An EFT?

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Got confused while paying bill in QuickBooks? This is being heard by almost every next user of QuickBooks while making payment through check or credit card. Before we go ahead, it is important to be known by every single user that QBO technology doesn’t pay bill for its users. Here, in this blog post, we will illuminate those ways with the help of which users can easily process the payment via electronic fund transfer. 

Ways to be followed for wrapping bill payment process

  • Enter bills on QBO technology.
  • Press the “create” menu available at the centre top and then, select “Pay Bills”. 
  • This will open the window of Pay Bills, the tasks to be further performed cab be described as follows: -
  1. Select the bank account to post the payments.
  2. Type the date of the payment. 
  3. Ensure that you have leave “starting check number” blank. 
  4. Unclick “Print later” box if it is clicked. 
  5. Select the bills that you want to depict as paid. 
  6. The total payment amount will be the sum of all bills that you have paid via electronic fund transfer. 
  7. At the last, click “Save” option. 

Some tips should be kept in mind while performing this task is that the total amount of bill made on QBO should match with the amount of electronic fund transfer. Don’t forget to “Save” after following above statements. 

Now, the question that would be definitely arises in your mind is that how you can enter transfer number or reference number. To do so, you need to visit the bank register and then, find the payment option. Then onwards, select transaction and then click on chart of account available beneath it. Lastly, try to find the wire transfer on register and make a single click on the transaction to edit it further. You will see the window; enter your transaction reference number, and click on save to exit it. 

Wow! Finally, we have learnt the easiest way of making payment in QuickBooks online. 

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