What To Do To Microsoft Outlook Integration With QuickBooks?

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If you are using QuickBooks software then you can only understand that what is the best and the most useful advantages for the business. It is really important to know that what QuickBooks software is. On this, I would only say that it is a desktop accounting system featuring several web-based features and products including remote access capabilities, online banking, electronic payment functions,payroll assistance and outsourcing. It is included in the Microsoft Office suite of programs along with Microsoft Word, Excel, and of course PowerPoint.

Although, QB is huge compatible with the Windows 10 devices however, it is comfortable with other widely used applications like Microsoft Office. If you really want to know about the Microsoft Outlook Email Integration with QuickBooks, for that aim, you need to use the free QB contact Sync tool that is provided by the QuickBooks online. If you really want to perform the tasks of syncing then you must download and install the tool first, but once you do adjust your contacts is fast and easy with the dominant features of Microsoft Outlook as follows Search, Simple Organization, Improved Connectivity, Connect with others Easily and much more. 

Microsoft Outlook is the most used and trusted by the user world widely for email exchange server and making all the things more specific and clear for the Microsoft Outlook which is not only the medium of email exchanging bit also provides services like contact saving, calendaring and tasks management functionality and much more. And by this way, most of the companies can also now integrate Outlook with several other Microsoft with regards and other online software like QuickBooks software.

Being a part of Microsoft Office Suite family, Microsoft Outlook is widely used as a desktop email client to communicate over the internet. It is combined with the number of functions and benefits after Microsoft Outlook integration with QuickBooks software.

Basic functions and benefits are following

  • Unfailing communication.
  • Message confirmation.
  • Coordination and constitution.  
  • Faster Email Processing.
  • Ribbons & Navigation Bar.
  • Inbox Clean Up Too.
  • Email Attachment Reminder.
  • Work Offline.
  • Customized Calendars.
  • Altered Contacts.
  • Support Microsoft Exchange Server and much more.

But before that it is important to bring forward the discussion about the advantages, disadvantages, and limitation of Microsoft Outlook Integration with QuickBooks for which we are discussing some of the important points as given below:


  • It is quite simple to use for the email clients that share the best resources in the business world.
  • Get the easy graphics mode which is simple to import and format with the clients.
  • Providing help for template-Professional printing and publishing options which is quite helpful for the users.


  • The task management is quite busy and quite ponderous for use by the regular businessmen.
  • There is no proper calendar facilities and lack of customization dashboard where you have the chance to mix elements of email, calendar, and tasks into one starting point.
  • Unable to support its calendar for booking meeting where you are not attending the meeting.

So be careful about its disadvantages and go ahead with the steps to install QB desktop contact Sync for Microsoft Outlook. For the help, you can observe tutorials are following. 

  • Start on your Windows 10 and then launch your internet browser and then go to the download QB desktop website.
  • Enter the correct email address for the registration and then click continue button to download.
  • Having downloaded click on save button and then double click on “QuickBookscontactsync.exe” file you have saved already. 
  • Click on the next button and then to start the installation process and then open company file that you indeed want to sync.
  • Accept the agreement and form and then click next button and click get started when the sync is completed and then press finish button. 

Later on, in case there is an issue with QB desktop contact sync in Outlook you can click QB and then chose contact Sync and then start the file menu and choose Utilities and then select Contact Sync button to fix the error. 

Still, if there is an error then you can follow the below steps to get the issue fixed exactly at the correct time.

  • If you are having synchronization at the first or second time then you have to wait a few minutes and then try to do so again.
  • Verify contact number while you are trying to synchronize and then restart both Outlook and QuickBooks desktop and try sync once again.
  • If still there is an issue then you need to delete the folders created by QuickBooks desktop contact sync in Outlook.
  • Click on the run button for another synchronization and later on enter your name, company name, and detail about the customers and vendors. 
  • Having done the tasks you can use Microsoft Outlook Integration with QuickBooks software with ease to improve the communication between customers as email and text message by on a click and thus it provides a marvelous satisfaction of using QB software as your business accounting software.

Thus, we can say that it is compatible with other much important software like we have already mentioned about the Microsoft Office suite of programs. It really helps to improve your QuickBooks and Outlook contacts with your customers, jobs, and dealers who ate attached with the QuickBooks software. It is also providing QB sync tools that work excellent for the businessmen at every certain point of the time.

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