Fixes Invalid Product Number Error In QuickBooks By Using Some Of Tricky Methods

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QuickBooks is excellent software in terms of calculating extravagant for the personal and large organization. As per the common and regular user of this software, it is drastically competent for using on Microsoft and Mac devices. But quite often it is typically used on a Microsoft device. Initially, when some try to use this software, he needs to download and install this software for his personal and professional objectives. But believe me, a wrong direction can bring you to the demolition circumstances when you select any unusual software that sometimes termed to the invalid product which you can feel so worst and might be felt make trouble.

It is quite user-friendly without sacrificing the powerful features that accounting professionals love so much. QuickBooks is one of the software tools that first made accounting and financial management tasks convenient to manage for individuals at home, and even today, for small to medium businesses, QuickBooks remains the best software tool available. 
The wide-spread popularity of QuickBooks software means that common issues and errors get wide attention. It is the “Invalid Product Number” error, quite often along with an error code “176109”. So what is this error and why does it occur? Have a look at this cause and get the solution in apple pie order. 

Here’s the common cause of invalid product error

  • When you choose the invalid products key, code, or number is used to install that particular copy of QuickBooks point of sale is typically available at all the time.
  • Due to the incorrect or duplicate website provides the incorrect product number error while using to install product number.
  • In this modality, there is no need to use the user account operating QuickBooks for the administrator level access so it is not safe to use it in anyways.

Here’s the exact method to fix the invalid product code number

Method No- 1 
Clear the contents of the points of sale entitlement folder by using windows device

  • First of all turn on your Windows device and then go to the desktop mode and then press Windows+ E button and then go to the C: drive.
  • Select the program file > Intuit > Entitlement Client > v8 and then click to open it.
  • Make sure about it, if it is running fine or not and if it is showing a product code error then press the exit button.
  • Now you must select the content > files and then press on the subfolder and then press the delete button.
  • Having done the process completely then you can click on the done button and then move to the next button.
  • Click on the re-launch the QuickBooks point of sale desktop software and then re-enter your credential you have downloaded from the website of the QuickBooks.

If you have performed the process carefully then you have to move to the method number 2 that but for that aim you must make sure that internet is working fine.

Method No-2

  • Go to change the name of the WSActivity file on your Windows device:
  • First of all, don’t forget to launch the explorer and then go to the C:\Program Data\Intuit\QuickBooks Point of Sale XX\ini
  • And then make sure that QuickBooks software is not running in the background.
  • Click on the exit button for all application of the QB.
  • Now you have to select the WSActivity folder and then right click on it and select the rename button.
  • Then rename the folder to OldWSActivity and then hit Enter button.
  • Now it is time to perform the steps outlined in the Method no-1 once again and then you can see your QuickBooks begin to run easily.

It is hoped that by using above-mentioned methods your error is now been fixed. Notwithstanding, if you still having constant plight “INVALID PRODUCT CODE” error then you can try to re-install the QuickBooks software’s points of sale desktop but before that, you have to contact certified QuickBooks technical support representatives who are available at all the time to deal with such kind of the issue in no jiffy.

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