QuickBooks Client Machine Can't Locate The Data File On The Server.

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QuickBooks is built by Intuit, to support Small enterprises. It has numerous features which is very helpful for businesses to make things much easier and grow profit and revenue in a short time. It has several products, and each product has its unique feature, any enterprise chooses any product according to their business needs and requirements. 

It also provides services for assistance, and it has 24x7 working QuickBooks Support number which gives users an instant solution to their queries and their software errors resolved by accounting software experts.

This Can Happen With Both QB POS And QB Enterprise. There Can Be Multiple Reasons Behind This.

  • Whenever the company data files are renamed, moved or deleted.
  • Whenever the data files doesn’t have a unique name.
  • When the server workstation is not running .If a client wants to access the data stored on server workstation ,the server workstation must be up and running.
  • If the server workstation has different company file opened and the client is trying to connect to a different company file.
  • There can be some problems with the network connection or with the configuration on the entire network.
  • There are some firewall settings which block the users to connect and sometimes come with the firewall message.
  • Selected data is not a QuickBooks enterprise or QuickBooks POS database.
  • The workstation is not running the same QuickBooks POS as another workstation that is currently accessing the files.

If the workstation cannot locate or connect to POS company data then you will get following message-Application could not find, could not connect to, or could not open company file data.

QuickBooks users can also call QuickBooks Helpline Phone Number if given solution didn't resolve their issues and errors. QB support provides a solution to every problem which is stopping or becoming the barrier in accounting software.

Identify And Resolve Performance Problems

  • There are list of data files and server workstation found on the network that is listed. Select the correct data or server and click OK.
  • Ensure that the file must have a unique name.
  • Once you are sure that the server workstation and network are working enter the server workstation name and hit OK.
  • Open the correct company files on the server workstation.
  • Check the network connection and cables on both ends.
  • Check the firewall setting and login as an administrator.
  • Select a valid Data base file.
  • Update and upgrade all workstation to the same version or the same update you are running on the server computer.

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