Obtain Tutorial To Backup And Restore The Company Files In QuickBooks Software Easily

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Performing backup and restore procedure with the QuickBooks software might be quite difficult as it is time to observe every data and important file to secure in the drive and external hard disk you have decided to use during this. It is one of the easiest ways to create a portable QuickBooks database. You can access from different unconnected computers to store the company file on a flash drive that you can physically move among several computers at any time and this kind of the process often called restore.

To take the backup on the flesh drive make sure it has sufficient space and so that you can make a backup copy of the database on a regular basis. Having done the tasks it is really indispensable to eject flash drive properly before you remove it to avoid the data loss and then you can insert your flash drive to another computer to paste on the created company files. Although a company file always comes and works with the latest version of QB software, however, if you are using the older version of QuickBooks software then you need to install a new version of QB. But before that is it is indispensable to take a back-up of older version software comfortably.

Actually, QuickBooks service manages everything from your company's account receivables to electronic bank transfers. The application stores of this service manage your company's finances and related data in a single mode file ending with the extension.QBW. This kind of the file is not broken into multiple files, nor does the file contain numbers in its extension. This is a tool or file that allows you to copy and move your QuickBooks file for backup purposes for the new version of accounting software.

Below mentioned steps are helping you completely to tack backup and restore company file in QuickBooks software.

  • First of all, start on Windows 10 device and then go to the start button. 
  • Select control panel tab and then go to the program's options to check out the files. 
  • Click further again on the start button and then select a computer.
  • Double click on the “C” drive and then double click on the intuit folder.
  • Go to the QuickBooks folder and then select the company files.
  • Launch the internet browser and then go to QWB website and then press the download button.
  • Right-click on the “.QBW” files and then selects the options that you want from the subfolder.
  • You can repeat the steps 1 and click on don’t show hidden files and folders under the advanced settings thereafter.
  • Now you can select the company name and double click on the QB start screen.
  • Press and hold CTRL button and press number key when prompts to press any key and move to the next. 
  • Go to the file information and then select the directory path containing your QuickBooks QBW file.
  • Now you have to write down the path for the already taken backup files. 
  • Having done the task clicks on OK button and let’s goes back to the start button.
  • Now switch to the multiuser mode and select the file and then press on back company select create a local backup.
  • Select local backup and press on options and then click the browse button and select the files you want to take backup of QB software.
  • Press the OK button and then you can select the additional option and when once completed then click on OK button.
  • Click on save and then press Finish button at the end of the procedure.
  • Further click again on save button and then carefully read and respond to any messages that appear before restoration begins.

Having saved the backup file there will be showing schedule backups on the next page for the only schedule future back-ups which after you can restore the same file in the latest version of QuickBooks software and avoid unexpected multiple issues.

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